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Following an acquisition, I joined a newly created team at Care slated to focus on senior care. This team was tasked with migrating to a completely new tech stack, adopting new design system components, and tackling conversion in our most high traffic area: enrollment.
Product designer — discovery, ideation, product research, user testing, UI design, A/B testing
Jason Thai, Product Manager
Shawn Israilov, Product Manager
Michael Villas, Co-designer
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After several months of iteration, we landed on an enrollment experience that yielded the best conversion rates we’ve seen. However, we were faced with the question: what next? Tech debt prevented us from tackling parts of the Senior Care experience down the funnel like search and the member homepage.  In order to provide value to our users, we had to find a new way to search and match high quality, relevant, and available caregivers to seniors care seekers who need care. 
I designed and launched a new matching feature that (1) has successfully boosted basic to premium conversion, (2) is being adopted by other Care business verticals, and (3) resulted in several new components added to our growing design system.
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